Universal and adaptable. 

Designed in Sweden, Bumprider is the most universal and adaptable toddler board for prams. It is the simple, quick and one-for-all solution to accommodating toddlers who are still too young to walk all the way on their own, but too big for the pram.

The Bumprider has been designed around ease of use and adaptability, which gives it almost endless adjustment possibilities, meaning it fits on all prams, and quickly too, less than 5 minutes in fact.

Sounds almost too easy, doesn’t it? It is.

Award winning product


"Very easy to attach to pushchair, good design and shape"

Michelle Henderson, M&B Awards 2016


Bumprider Sit+ Toddler board


  • Seat & handle bar are removable in 3 different configurations:
    • Toddler board only
    • Board + Seat
    • Board + Seat + Handle bar

Bumprider - Toddler board

  • Perfect for toddlers who are still too young to wallk all the way:
    • Unique balanced suspension system
    • Height, length and width adjustable connector
    • Anti-slip surface




No extra adaptors or connectors needed for different prams – one size fits all.




Suitable for children from 2 to 5 years of age and up to 30 kg.